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We ask all clients to read the conditions before taking over the vehicle hire and get acquainted with the rights and obligations they must respect to further avoid legal action and the consequences of non-compliance the same. The following are the rules of use as well conditions for renting a car with us

  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Minimum 3 years of driving license and mandatory for inspection
  • Mandatory identification - ID card or passport for inspection
Picking up and returning the vehicle
  • The vehicle can be picked up and returned at our office, and possible is also the delivery or return of the vehicle outside the branch, ie at the selected location
  • The vehicle can be picked up and returned outside the standard operating hours time, at extra charge
  • When taking over and returning the vehicle, signing is mandatory vehicle condition form, where we advise that together with our you inspect the vehicle well with an officer

Damage to tires and wheels, broken or lost key, damage caused by refueling the wrong type of fuel and causing damage knowingly or carelessly. All listed damages will be charged in full the moment the vehicle returns.

POLICE RECORD IS OBLIGATORY FOR ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE!Without a police record, the full amount of damage or theft will be charged from the client. A record needs to be made even in cases when the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (e.g. the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unidentified person).

PROCEDURES in case of accident, damage and theft of vehicles

The client is obliged to act as follows:

  • IMMEDIATELY to inform the police and EOW rent a car about the event and yes follow their instructions
  • To write down data about other participants in the accident, that is event
  • To complete the accident / damage report when returning the vehicle
  • Da napiše kratku izjavu u kojoj će opisati uzroke i okolnosti u kojima se desila nesreća/šteta
  • It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and narcotics
  • The rented vehicle can be driven only by the person who is registered as a driver in a vehicle rental agreement. The possibility of yes is allowed up to two additional drivers are enrolled, with the approval of Rent-a-car EOW when taking over the vehicle
  • It is forbidden to give the rented vehicle for use unauthorized persons, persons who are not registered in the contract